2020 has seen many changes. One huge change is how we gather. In March of 2020,  Online meetings skyrocketed from 20 to 267 in just two weeks as in-person meetings went online.

We created an ad hoc spreadsheet to cope with this rapid, and perhaps temporary change.  This sheet was good for a temporary fix, but we need a new way to find meetings.

We are working to create a database that will address the new needs of our community.  While that database is being developed, we will update the spreadsheet to reflect our current listing of meetings.

If you have any further questions, contact us at RDMtgList@recoverydharma.org

Find a Meeting

Online Meetings

  1. Go to the 2020 Meeting List
  2. Use the tabs at the top or bottom of the spreadsheet to find your timezone
  3. The list is sorted by day and time.  Scroll to the time you want to attend.
  4. Click on the link to join the meeting
  5. If trouble with this process, send an email to the meeting organizer
  6. If no response from organizer email info@recoverydharma.org

Find a Specific Meeting

  • Once on the right worksheet, Press Ctrl+F (Command+F on macOS)
  • then type a search phrase to find the meeting. For example:
    • Type: in person, online, open, closed, etc.
    • Location: Chicago, online, Germany, Japan, Ashville, etc.
    • Affinity-Culture: gender, race, orientation, age, etc.
    • Affinity-Issue: co-dependency, food, racism, technology, etc.
    • Specific sangha: daily nondukkha, virtual reality, etc.
  • Press Enter (Return on macOS)  to tab through the found text

In-Person Meetings

  • We are working to ensure in-person meetings are accurate on the 2020 list.
  • While we are transitioning, please check out the meeting finder.
  • We recommend that before you travel to any in-person site for a meeting that you contact the sangha responsible to confirm if they’re still being held.

Add or Update a Meeting

Start a New Online Meeting

Stay Connected

We recommend reaching out to your sangha, your support network, and your friends in recovery during this difficult time. The news and these viral challenges can be trying for your recovery or even triggering for relapse.