2021 Recovery Dharma Global (RDG) Board

Online Nomination Acceptance Form

Please review the bullet points. Then, complete the fields at the bottom of this form to notify the RDG Nominations Committee that you have accepted or declined your nomination to run for the 2021 RDG Board.

By accepting my nomination, I affirm the following:

  • I have read and understood the letter to nominees, including the timeline for the 2021 Recovery Dharma Global Board Election and the calculations for board terms.
  • I commit to learning, listening, and creating space for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) on the RDG board and the Recovery Dharma Community.
  • The RDG Board is interdependent with the larger Recovery Dharma Sangha. It is accountable to and draws on the energy, skill, and expertise of the community. This includes collaboration with RDG committee volunteers, RD circles, sangha groups, inter-sangha’s, and individual members.
  • I am a member of a Recovery Dharma local, online, meeting, group and/or inter-sangha.
  • I commit to practicing the Five Precepts as reflected in the RDG Bylaws.
  • I will remain in contact with the RDG Nominations Committee during the election process via nomination@recoverydharma.org.
  • I will endeavor to complete the Board Questionnaire by the due date and participate in at least one “Meet the Candidates” Town Hall. These are not required but are encouraged as part of the process.
  • I will disclose any involvement, personal or professional, that may constitute a conflict of interest as defined by the bylaws
  • I will attend scheduled board meetings (currently the 2nd Sunday of each month), committee meetings (each board member serves on at least one committee), the annual meeting & summit, board development training, town halls, and other meetings and events scheduled by the board.
  • I will commit the attention, effort, and time that is needed to complete projects, reports, and activities mindfully and in a timely fashion.
  • I will familiarize myself with RDG bylaws, policies, procedures, committees, website, and decision making processes.
  • I will participate in board training and retreats, and cultivate specific knowledge, skills, and resilience in service of being an effective member of the RDG sangha.
  • I will attend the first regularly scheduled board meeting after the election, upon which the Board will agree to a future meeting schedule.
  • I will remain connected with members of the worldwide membership of Recovery Dharma throughout the year.
  • I would like to:

Acceptance and Signature


“Dana is not a plea or directive to ‘give,’ Dana is the natural and joyful expression of a giving heart.”
– Theravada teacher Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia