Aaron Collins

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Pronouns: He, Him, His

Location: ​Knoxville, Tennessee

Please describe your activity with any Recovery Dharma sangha, including local, affinity,inter-sangha, circle, or volunteer with the board. (Affinity: some members of Recovery Dharmacreate sangha groups around identities such as Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex and Ally (LGBTQIA) Women; or interests such as recovery around process addictions, food or codependency. Circle: an independent volunteer work group)

Currently I lead a regular Monday meditation. I started attending Recovery Dharma/Refuge Recovery meetings when I was in a treatment center, and I became hooked. I have been very active in my local sangha. I attend our business meetings and volunteer when the opportunity arises. I’ve made flyers, written a proposal to get in-person meetings started again, bought cleaning supplies for our in-person meetings,and done whatever else I can do to serve. I identify as a member of the LGBTQIA community; however, here in Knoxville we do not have any affinity meetings for Dharma. I would love to see us grow to have at least one meeting a month relating to affinity. I have some non-profit board experience as a community garden chair in Bloomfield, NJ.

Briefly describe your professional/livelihood history in a narrative and upload a resume or copy it below. Reminder that many life experiences can be applied to the work of a Board.

I have worked since my teens from grocery store bagboy to a construction laborer. After graduating from college I began my career in social service work. I started as a behavior assistant for at-risk youth and now I work as a service coordinator for children birth to 3 years. Additionally, I served 12 years in the US Army Reserves and briefly worked as a volunteer coordinator for a large non-profit Remote Area Medical (RAM). Throughout my life I have volunteered for my church, school, and community and service to others is a big part of what makes me and I hope to continue that through service to Recovery Dharma.

Are there other special or unique skills that you believe would benefit serving as a board member? (please see​​ announcement​) 

Relating to the announcement under the header Fundraising, my experience as a Volunteer Coordinator at RAM would be an asset to the board. As a volunteer coordinator I recruited, organized, and managed hundreds of volunteers and around a dozen summer interns. In addition, I have board experience, serving for one year on the board of Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center in Bloomfield, NJ. In general, I consider myself a ‘get it done’ kind of person and I work hard to accomplish tasks.

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I participate in both Recovery Dharma and other recovery programs for my recovery journey. I am 9+ months sober and currently working on a recurring theme “just being”. I have embraced this theme and have dropped the word bored from my vocabulary. I am learning to “just be”.

I have a basic knowledge of Buddhism and do not identify as a Buddhist. However, I admire the Buddha’s teachings and practice the Four Noble Truths and Eight-Fold Path. When dealing with conflict, I try to use wise speech and wise action and have been told that I am a calming presence during conflict. I am very good at engaging, reflective listening, rolling with resistance, and staying focused.

As a queer person I have a good understanding of diversity and equality and as a socialworker I have ongoing training that keep my skills refreshed to work with diverse populations. My specific interest is in recovery within the LGBTQIA community and making sure my community has a safe and accepting program that works.

I am a vocal promoter of Recovery Dharma and I share about our meetings whenever the opportunity arises and encourage the giving of dana and book sales at meetings. I am always on the lookout for ways to improve and expand projects that I am involved in. I am a social butterfly and often find that I have lots of resources to turn to when needing help.

Recovery Dharma has changed my life and the lives of members of my local sangha. If elected, I will strive to ensure the stability and livelihood of Recovery Dharma as the program grows. I will be a hands-on, energetic, and a positive influence on the team.