Eunsung Kim

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What pronouns do you use?  He or They

Where will you be located while serving on the board? Richmond, VA

Please describe your activity with any Recovery Dharma sangha, including local, affinity, inter-sangha, circle, or volunteer with the board.   (Affinity: some members of Recovery Dharma create sangha groups around identities such as Black, Indigeneous and People of Color (BIPOC), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex and Ally (LGBTQIA) Women; or interests such as recovery around process addictions, food or codependency. Circle: an independent volunteer work group)

One of the founding members and Active Member of Richmond, VA Refuge Recovery Sangha, which became RDRVA (Recovery Dharma Richmond, VA) since June 2014, I help facilitate the Friday morning RDO meeting from April to Oct 2020, I facilitated inquiry circles including a RD BIPOC inquiry circle, Help start online 3rd precept True Intimacy Recovery Dharma Men’s Meeting, and Sunday Morning Online RD BIPOC meeting.

Briefly describe your professional/livelihood history in a narrative , and upload a resume or copy it below.  Reminder that many life experiences can be applied to the work of a Board. This includes, but is not limited to service with local groups, managing a household or service on another nonprofit board.     

I was part of the Duke Buddhist Student group from 2008-2011, I have been a board member of a non-profit L’Arche Metro Richmond for the past year, I have been an active member of Richmond Friends Meeting (Quakers) since June of 2014, and served on multiple committees.

Are there other special or unique skills that you believe would benefit serving as a board member? (please see announcement

I have worked as chaplain and bereavement coordinator, and helped create safe spaces in which inner work can be done. I have organized multiple people for service both within my work life and recovery life. I have studied group dynamics, and worked to be aware of group dynamics. I have been active in 12 step communities, and been involved in both local, intergroup and district level within the last 6 years of being in Richmond, VA.

Please use the space below to share a brief (300 words or less) statement about yourself.  The questions below are offered as prompts for topics you might find helpful. We do not anticipate that you will answer each one. 

I am committed to my practice, which includes being embodied in my body in the South. I was introduced to meditation in college in 1999, and my practice has deepened since becoming sober and clean in October 30, 2011.

I have studied Taoism and Buddhism since college, and I have participated in different Zen communities in Chapel Hill, NC and in Berkeley, CA. I was part of the Buddhist student group, when I was a grad student at Duke.  I have participated and sat with the Shambala group at Ekoji, a Buddhist community at Richmond, VA.

I am committed to giving back to the larger Recovery Dharma community and my local Sangha. I want to be a welcoming presence to other people of color, and that Buddhist Recovery is possible for everyone.