2021 Election Results

The Recovery Dharma Global (RDG) Board is gathered to ensure the ongoing existence of Recovery Dharma meetings and service throughout the world by functioning as a unified support to its members. Our new Directors will help ensure the organization meets its goals to develop the website, maintain a list of meetings, organize conferences, and educate […]

Reminder to Register to Vote for your Recovery Dharma Board of Directors!

Registration is open until 7pm ET on Sunday, February 28th. If you haven’t already, you can register to vote online. The polls for the election will be open starting at 7am ET, Monday, March 1st through Monday, March 15th 2021 at 7pm ET. The new Recovery Dharma Board of Directors will be seated in mid-March. […]

We on the Board have heard…

We on the Board have heard from members of our community who have expressed their disappointment with the way conflict was handled at the last Town Hall on Wednesday, 2021-02-17. Our bylaws state: “The Board of Directors is empowered and entrusted to adopt policies to ensure the safe, effective, and compassionate operation of Recovery Dharma […]

2021 Recovery Dharma Global Nominee Town Halls

Please join us for a series of Town Halls held by the RDG Board to introduce the 2021 Election Nominees to the global sangha! Each Town Hall will be an hour long and conducted over Zoom. Each Town Hall will also be recorded for those members who are unable to attend. 🎥 These recordings are […]

2021 Recovery Dharma Global General Meeting Announcement

For facilitators who would like to announce 2021 Board Elections info at their meetings. Voting registration​ for the 2021 board elections is now open! ​Everyone who considers themselves a member of Recovery Dharma is eligible to vote. ​In order to vote for our new board members, you must be registered. Registration is available online. ​Registration […]

October 2020 Town Hall Meeting Minutes

The following are the minutes for the October 2020 Board Town Hall in which Board President Kris Roehling presented the new RD website and answered questions from the community. Kris: This is our 2nd Town Hall, the first one was about trademark and logos. ThisTown Hall can serve as a report, to let you know […]

Update from the Sangha Summit Committee

Hi Recovery Dharma Sangha! A reminder that the Sangha Summit Committee is looking for interested host cities for the 2021 Sangha Summit in July! Our current plan for 2021 is a hybrid event that combines in person workshops with video access for members across the globe. Host cities will help us find physical spaces in […]

Board Elections 2021