Recovery Dharma Circle Updates

Outreach Circle Since our last Outreach Circle check-in we have had a lot of interest, expertise, and willingness to contribute to the conversation. We have added 30+ new members to the Slack channel, including treatment facility professionals. There have been contributions to meditations, refined meeting scripts, and insightful discussions on treatment facility approaches, and we […]

2020 Board of Directors Elections

Make sure you are registered to vote for your next Recovery Dharma (RD) Board of Directors. Go to https://mailchi.mp/recoverydharma/registerand submit your email to be added to the voter rolls. Please note this form is specific for voting and is separate from the regular mailing list. The deadline to register to vote is January 29. More […]

Upcoming Events

Wise Friendships The Wise Friendship Circle has been working together over the past few months to investigate a Buddhist model for peer support in recovery, and developed a draft of “Developing Wise Friendships in Recovery Dharma.” A Zoom conference call was held to gather feedback, which the Circle is incorporating for the community. Conference Update […]

2020 Board Election Voter Registration Reminder

We’ve received feedback about some confusion regarding registering to vote, so we want to make sure everyone is aware that registering to vote is a separate registration from the email/newsletter list. Voting for the Recovery Dharma Board of Directors begins January 15 and runs through January 31. If you haven’t already done so, please register […]

2020 Conference Committee – Call for Members

We may not have a name for it (yet!), but it’s going to be AMAZING. A gathering of Recovery Dharma friends from all over the globe for a weekend of growth, collaboration, planning, and fun – and YOU can be a part of making it all come together. A new 2020 Recovery Dharma Conference Committee […]

Developing Wise Friendships in Recovery Dharma

Developing Wise Friendships in Recovery Dharma The Wise Friendship Circle has been working together over the past few months to investigate a Buddhist model for peer support in recovery. We’re sharing the draft of “Developing Wise Friendships in Recovery Dharma” for the community to review, discuss, and collaborate on. It is intended as a living […]

Elections 2020 – Meet the Candidates

Greetings Sangha! Below are the candidates for our 2020 Board of Directors Elections. Note each candidate’s name is linked to their full statement below; please read them carefully as you consider your votes. Are you registered to vote? Note being signed up for and receiving emails from the Recovery Dharma email list is not the […]

Updated – What Are Our Core Intentions?

Greetings Sangha! The Core Intentions Circle has been hard at work incorporating the feedback we received during our October and November community meetings. Below is the updated draft of the Core Intentions. Recovery Dharma Core Intentions Recovery Dharma offers an approach to recovery based on meditation practice and investigation of Buddhist principles. Our program is […]

Survey for 2020 Recovery Dharma Conference Location/Dates

**POLLING IS NOW CLOSED** Dear Sangha, According to our Bylaws, we need to hold a conference of the members each year. In the spirit of democratic decision-making, we invite you to help decide the location and dates for the 2020 conference (name TBD). You can access the survey here (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WLFNY79). Please complete the survey by […]