New Structure Development Circle

A new circle has been created – Structure Development.  The Structure Development Circle is open for any interested member of Recovery Dharma to join. The purpose of the Circle is to define and document structures for Recovery Dharma community support at the global, regional, and intersangha levels. In cases where these structures already exist, we’ll […]

Transition Team Changes

Jessica L. (Portland, OR) is no longer part of the Recovery Dharma Transition Team, though we may continue to consult with her periodically. Jess was instrumental in setting up communications when our organization was just getting started, and we are grateful for her service and friendship. We are excited to announce the addition of three […]

Register to vote for your Recovery Dharma Board of Directors!

Everyone who considers themselves a member of Recovery Dharma is eligible to vote for the Board. Just go to https://mailchi.mp/recoverydharma/register and submit your email to be added to the voter rolls. This list will be maintained separately from the Recovery Dharma mailing list—it is not for email contact, just voter registration. Please register to vote by […]

Planning the first Recovery Dharma International Conference

According to our Bylaws, we need to hold a conference of the members each year. We are thinking of doing the first ever RDCon during the summer of 2020, when travel is easier for many folks. We know that it’ll take several months to pull this together , and the first thing we need to […]

Help Define Our Core Intentions

As a part of the transition process, the Core Intentions Circle has been working to identify the values and principles that most define us as a community that is working to support individual recovery from all forms of addiction through Buddhist practices and principles. We have developed these ideas into proposed “Core Intentions,” which are […]

Regions in Recovery Dharma

The Transition Team and Sangha Support Circle have worked together to create a map which defines 15 geographical regions of Recovery Dharma meetings.  The regions map will be used for both the upcoming Board of Director elections as well as Sangha Support efforts.  The term “Sangha Support” refers to those individuals who will be affiliated […]

Submit Your Nominations for the New Board!

As we have been discussing, elections for a new board of directors for Recovery Dharma will be held in January 2020. The process is designed to allow open nominations and a truly democratic process for expanding the board from the four-person transition team to a fully operating board of twelve directors representing our community.  While […]

What’s Going On in Recovery Dharma

In general, “what’s going on” is that there are some work circles of volunteers beginning to look at how Recovery Dharma might function. More information about the circles—including their purpose, their current activities, and who to contact, is available. Some circles have started to meet, while others are still in the process of organization. The […]

Transitional Bylaws and 2020 Board Elections

The Governance Circle has begun meeting to work on transitional Bylaws for the non-profit org, so we can have elections to put a Board of Directors in place that represents the members of Recovery Dharma. By a wide margin, people who responded to our survey said they want Directors to be nominated and elected directly […]