Sample Meeting Safety Statements

The following are safety statements in use by several promiment Recovery Dharma meetings.

Chicago, IL, USA

We are committed to providing an environment of safety, respect and inclusion representing diversity at the broadest level. Our group doesn’t just accept difference — we celebrate and thrive as a result. We recognize the individual experience in each person’s journey towards an authentic life and we embrace you as you are. All people are welcome here.

In the spirit of practicing wise communication and community, please do not cross-talk; the chairperson may ask an individual to redirect if necessary. In addition, be mindful that we all come from different backgrounds and paths to recovery, so please speak your truth without the use of hate-speech or harmful language.

Portland, OR, USA

In order to recover, we must aim our life’s energy and actions toward being free from all forms of hatred, ill- will, aversion, and wishing harm on ourselves and others. We must also be free from the greed for pleasure, which is clearly the cause of much of our addictions. Redirecting our thoughts and intentions from the negative karma-producing intentions like greed, hatred, and delusion to the positive intentions of kindness, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, appreciation, and understanding. You are safe at this meeting. Please make it your responsibility that it remains that way.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Recovery Dharma strives to be a space that is safe for all. This is a recovery group for addictions of all kinds, including process addictions. We do not condone harassment of any kind, and we ask that our attendees please be mindful of personal space and boundaries.

New York, NY, USA

In an effort to build community and to get to know each other, we start each week by introducing ourselves. Please share your name and the gender pronoun you use. We do this in the spirit of not making assumptions about others and to support mindfulness in relationships. My name is _____ and I use ____ (she/her, he/his/ they/theirs, etc).