COVID-19 Information

The news surrounding the new coronavirus, Covid-19, continues to spread and, as a result, many people and places are exercising additional cautions in the interests of health and safety.

Because of this, numerous local Recovery Dharma meetings may be canceled or may have moved online.  We are asking sanghas to submit meeting changes due to Covid-19—this form enables you to update if meetings are temporarily moving online and how to access them.

📜 A list of meetings affected by Covid-19 is being maintained and is published online.

We recommend that before you travel to any in-person site for a meeting that you contact the sangha responsible to confirm if they’re still being held. You can use the meeting finder to locate your usual meeting and the contact information of the people responsible for running it.

The Recovery Dharma Online Sangha continues to run its virtual meetings that you can attend with a computer or mobile device, or even dial into with a telephone—every day of the week.

There is also a guide to running online meetings for those local sanghas that wish to transition temporarily to online meeting or offer permanently alongside their regular meetings.

Finally, we recommend reaching out to your sangha, your support network, and your friends in recovery during this difficult time. The news and these viral challenges can be trying for your recovery or even triggering for relapse.