2023 recovery dharma board Election

get ready for the 2023 recovery dharma board elections!

This is your page for links to information about the 2023 RDG Board Election!  This year, there are eight (8) seats available for the election process. This page will update as the process moves forward.

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Learn more about serving on the RDG Board. Then nominate yourself or others.

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Meet the Candidates

View Candidate Profiles and watch the Candidate Town Halls

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Check out the volunteer options under Board Development help with the 2023 nomination process.

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Register to Vote

Everyone who considers themselves a member of Recovery Dharma is eligible to vote.

2023 RDG Board Election Calendar

December 2022 Announce Nomination and Election
December 2022

Nominations Open!

Submit Nomination and Questionnaire Forms

December 2022

Voter Registration Open

Announce Candidates

January 2023 Nomination Town Hall
January-March 2023 Nominations
January-April 2023 Register to Vote
April 2023

Candidate Town Halls

Election – Last week of April

May 2023 Announce New Board Members
May – June 2023 Orient New Board Members
July 2023 Celebrate and Transition at the 2023 Annual Meeting
August 2023 New Members Seated at the August board meeting