IDEA committee Scholarship Application

Sangha Summit 2024

 This scholarship grant has been established by the RDG Committee for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA). Scholarship application ends on April 15, 2024.  

These will be the only scholarships that IDEA will be offering for the 2024 Summit.  

The IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility) Committee seeks to make the RDG Board a safe space for all of its members through education, anti-racism, and privilege inquiry practice. Through this practice, and the sharing of resources and wisdom, we wish to set an example to the rest of our global sangha in the ways in which this work is integral to recovery and Buddhist practice. We set the intention to foster a safe space on the Board for underrepresented members through deep listening, wise understanding, and wise action.

Our intention is to contribute towards accessibility to the 2024 Sangha Summit for underrepresented members who may not be able to attend otherwise. 

We are mindful and thoughtful in our approach, aiming to complement rather than substitute the costs for individuals in the community’s efforts to participate in the event and promote wise livelihood.


Here are some considerations that  IDEA committee members will adopt to review applications.  

  1. Scholarships will benefit people from underrepresented groups.
  2. Applicants will commit to attending the 2024 Sangha Summit for its full duration and participating wholeheartedly in the scheduled activities. 

If the application meets the above considerations, then the committee will use the the information provided below to help determine the amount to be given:

  1. Consider the need expressed by the applicant.
  2. Offer scholarships that can cover travel, accommodation, and 2024 Summit registration. The current maximum amount of the total scholarship is $6,000. We aim to support 6 people to attend the 2024 Sangha Summit with the scholarship fund. 
  3. At least two members of the IDEA Committee or an IDEA Subcommittee will review the scholarship applications. 
  4. Each recipient will be offered support from the IDEA committee to assist in planning travel, lodging, and accomodations. 

If you wish to apply, please fill out the application form below. Please note that application ends on April 15, 2024.   

If you have any questions, please contact


HELP US FUNDRAISE AND SEND MORE PEOPLE! We are working to increase the total IDEA scholarship fund so that we can send even more sangha members to the Summit! We would like to send 4 more people with the help of fundraising and your generosity. Let’s work together and send at least 10 people (IDEA scholarship and fundraising combined) so they can also experience the healing effects of the summit! Please make donations via PayPal to contribute (be sure to specify in “notes” that the donation is for the IDEA scholarship).

2024 IDEA Summit Scholarship Application

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The IDEA committee recognizes that we live in a society with impacts of various oppressions (e.g., racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, etc). We aspire to create a safe, diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible space for recovery and to increase accessibility to the 2024 Sangha Summit for underrepresented members who may not be able to attend otherwise. Due to these intentions, we would like to understand why you are seeking a scholarship for the 2024 Sangha Summit from the IDEA committee at this time. Please answer the following questions below:
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