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    Sunday, to 2:00 pm

    • English
    • Open

    We use the Recovery Dharma script format and read from the Recovery Dharma text and other Buddhist and self-help/recovery texts.

    We meet in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple at King and Jameson where the head Lama generously offered us a weekly time slot and space free of charge. The shrine room is reasonably quiet and calm (and quite beautiful to many) but we would like to mention that sometimes Lamas or lay practitioners respectfully pass through.

    It's possible some meeting-attendees may find these interruptions disruptive but, for others, the communal spirit and lack of trepidation temple regulars and residents exhibit could be refreshing, and even healing.

  • Karma Sonam Dargye Ling Temple- 2nd floor shrine room (usually)

    12 Maynard Ave
    ON M6K 2Z9

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    www.facebook.com/buddhistrecoverytoronto www.facebook.com/recoverydharmacanada/
  • Updated 2020-01-13

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