Submission Guidelines

The Recovery Dharma Newsletter is seeking submissions from all the wonderful members of our global community. In general, we ask that (as is the case in meetings and community interactions), articles are written from the first-person point of view as much as possible, using “I” rather than “we” or “you” statements. Also, as with other communication platforms, we ask that members don’t engage in any self-promotion.

These are the newsletter segments and guidelines for each segment:

  • Original artwork, graphics, comics
    • Buddhist or recovery-related original artwork, graphics, or comics
  • Keepin’ It Local
    • Local Sangha Spotlight
    • Write about your local Sangha
    • Ideas for what to include:
      • What do you love about your meeting?
      • How does your local Sangha support you?
      • What is unique about your Sangha
      • Anything else about your Sangha you want readers to know
      • Direct quotes from members of your Sangha
    • Approximately 1000 words
  • The Recovery Dharma Newsletter Book Review
    • Review about any Buddhist or recovery-related book you’ve read
    • Approximately 500-800 words
  • My Path
    • Your personal recovery story
    • Ideas for what to include:
      • Brief bit of history of personal addiction
      • Current challenges or challenges recently overcome
      • How did you get involved in Buddhism/RD or how is Buddhism/RD showing up for you right now
      • How do the tools of RD, Buddhism, or the Dharma help you address
    • Can include a photo if you like
    • Let us know what name you’d like to use, if any challenges that arise?
    • Approximately 1000 words
  • Dharma Toolbox
    • A recovery or Buddhist-related practice, technique, or approach you use
    • Ideas for what to include:
      • What is the tool?
      • How does it work?
      • How and when do you use it?
      • How does it help you?
    • Approximately 500 words

If you have ideas for other types of newsletter segments you wish to see in our newsletter or any questions or comments about the newsletter, please feel free to contact us at

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