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Update from the Board

Hi sangha—we hope everyone is doing their best, staying safe and taking care. Your Board of Directors has been working hard and we have a few updates for you:

At its April meeting, the Board elected Dirk Wethington to serve as President, Kris Roehling to serve as Treasurer, and Lacey Browne to serve as Secretary. Also, Lawrence Gould, Beth Coyote, and Gary Matulis have stepped down from the Board and we thank them for their service.

From the start, our Facebook groups were intended to be community (not Board)-managed. Kara Bella and Joel Osterman have been serving as admins for the groups and, as newly elected Board members, they’ll be stepping down from that role shortly so that we can return to a purely community-led approach. The newly configured Social Media Team will give you an update on admins once this all gets figured out. Kara and Joel have been tireless in their support of our Facebook community so please give them a shout of appreciation when you have a moment.

Dan Oliverio has been working hard on our website reboot (the current website got up and running in about a week due to what was happening at the time, which meant that it doesn’t have a full-on Recovery Dharma identity). Dan is the lead for our website 2.0 and he brings his design skills and love of our community into everything he’s doing for the site. Look for more info on that coming soon.

Finally, it is with a mix of many emotions that we announce the resignation of Jean Tuller from the Board and the majority of her active service work to Recovery Dharma. We are grateful for her tireless work and engagement, and will be forever in her debt.

If you’d like to read the Board of Directors’ meeting minutes or Treasurer’s Report, please visit our website.

Dear sangha:

Recent elections resulted in a Board of Directors for Recovery Dharma that’s entirely made up of people of European descent. This board understands that our strength lies in a diverse leadership and are committed to finding a remedy to the current lack of diversity and inclusion.

Therefore, the Recovery Dharma Board is asking for input from people of color to help inform the best way to go about meeting this goal. We make this invitation with all humility, mindful of the ways in which we, as white people, have been unskillful in addressing issues of racial exclusion and oppression. We intend this as a first step on a long journey, not the last.

“This sense of home and refuge, for me, came from searching for and finding others who could support me, validate me, mirror my experience. It was not something I could have done by myself. I’d need a community that I could call home in order to embody and internalize deeply for myself that I am worthy of belonging in this world, regardless of external conditions.”

—Larry Yang, Awakening Together: The Spiritual Practice of Inclusivity and Community

We invite people of color who have an interest in this dialogue to get in touch with us and join the conversation.