Transition Team

In an effort to support, streamline, and accelerate the build-out and growth of our new organization Recovery Dharma, we have a Transition Team in place.

The Transition Team and Recovery Dharma Leadership Philosophy

The purpose of the Recovery Dharma leadership is to serve the community and support what’s happening at the ground level. Leadership members will provide an infrastructure so that we may share resources, communicate, and grow together. The Transition Team and vision for leadership is informed by the wisdom of recovery programs that have come before us, organizations and communities that have experienced longevity because of their dedication to being truly peer-led and not-for-profit.

Please see the bylaws of the Recovery Dharma non-profit organization (PDF) for more details.

About the Transition Team

The Transition Team is comprised of Recovery Dharma members across the United States who are serving the organization in a temporary capacity until a new Board of Directors is democratically voted into office by members of the Recovery Dharma community. The goal is to build a Board of Directors reflective of the diversity of identity, geography, and perspective of Recovery Dharma.

With a commitment to developing an organization informed by the spirit of democracy and a foundation in what’s happening at the local, grass-roots level, the transition team is leading efforts in the following areas:

  • Literature development and distribution
  • Multi-channel communication with the Recovery Dharma community
  • Programming and events
  • Regional Representation and Support
  • Hospitals and Institution Outreach
  • Inclusivity
  • And more!