Recovery Dharma Core Intentions

  1. We believe in the practice of renunciation, and all groups within Recovery Dharma hold as their central value supporting one another’s recovery from all forms of addictive behavior.
  2. It is our intention to form safe, welcoming, diverse, and supportive meetings and internal structures that unite us in our efforts in recovery. Our membership is inclusive of anyone wishing to participate in our community.
  3. All of our peer-to-peer work to support each other, make the sangha stronger, and develop our own recovery is given freely, in the spirit of generosity and compassion.
  4. It is our intention that any retreats, conferences, or other group activities of Recovery Dharma, at any level, be peer-led and organized. Groups may choose to hold events facilitated or taught by Dharma and meditation teachers. Teachers may accept dana for their offerings at these events.
  5. We may employ the services of professionals when necessary to ensure the growth and operations of our Organization and Sanghas.
  6. Each of us is responsible for taking the actions and doing the work necessary for our own recovery. We use wise effort in seeking teachings and teachers, literature, and guidance that support our individual and group journeys.
  7. Our intention is that decisions affecting our individual sanghas and the broader organization are made through a democratic process which includes all those directly affected. No one person or group is responsible for the direction of our recovery or of the program. Each member’s voice is equally respected and considered in any group decision-making process.
  8. Recovery Dharma is not affiliated with any other organization, agency, teacher, or group.
  9. We refrain from public statements on issues outside of our own recovery and the unity of our sangha.
  10. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of all those who participate in our meetings and group activities, we intend that who is participating and what is discussed remain confidential to those directly involved.
  11. Recovery Dharma is primarily self-supporting through book-related sales and donations local groups and individual members. Other donations of funding, goods, or services will be accepted only when they conform to the values of our community, provide clear benefit to the organization or group accepting the donation, are compatible with our intent to foster the recovery of our members, do not obligate us to align ourselves with any issue outside of the recovery of our members, and are consistent with our intention to be non-affiliated and self-directed.
  12. In all matters affecting Recovery Dharma we intend to act according to the principles of generosity, compassion, wise speech, and wise actions. We act individually and as an Organization to support and broaden these principles.