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Board Committees

RDG Committees are made up of volunteers who carry out the day-to-day work of the nonprofit organization.  Each committee meets monthly to report on the progress of projects and set up new projects as needed.  Committees are led by board members who send a monthly report to the board based on the minutes from the monthly meeting.

Some volunteers work on just one project a year, while others help throughout the year. Some even take on leadership roles with specific projects. To volunteer, simply complete the following application including your contact information and which tasks you would like to volunteer for.  If you are hoping to help lead a project, then be sure to include a couple of references with your application.

Committees are organized around the services and programs of Recovery Dharma Global.  This is a list of current committees. More complte descriptions and lists of tasks can be found in the application form.

    • Administration
    • Board Development
    • Communications
    • Events
    • Finance
    • Fund Development
    • Governance
    • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility
    • Membership

Recovery Dharma Global
Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application

MM slash DD slash YYYY
List any Recovery Dharma Sanghas that you are connected to.
Tell us a little about how you would like to support Recovery Dharma Global.
To oversee official correspondence and communication of the organization including managing technology documents and member lists.
Board Development
Support RDG Board members from recruitment through onboarding and training
Develop and coordinate RDG plan for mass communications.
Organize RDG events including Sangha Summit, Townhalls
Administer and report on the financial resources of the organization.
Fund Development
Generate the financial resources needed to build and sustain the Recovery Dharma Organization
Develop and review policies for the organization. Review and ensure legal compliance when issues arise.
To be able to bring the diverse communities of RD together in a place where all their voices can be heard and acknowledged
Develop relationships with member sanghas and support the development of a membership structure
Board Candidate
Apply to be appointed or to run to become elected to the RDG Board of Directors
Describe your experience with Recovery Dharma and what inspires you to want to volunteer with the Global organization (paragraph field)
Describe the professional, volunteer or life experiences that helped you cultivate the skills needed for these volunteer tasks that interest you
Reference One
List someone who can share their experience of your enthusiasm for Recovery Dharma or your skillfulness with the volunteer tasks.
Reference Two
List someone who can share their experience of your enthusiasm for Recovery Dharma or your skillfulness with the volunteer tasks.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.