Sources for study and practice

Recovery Dharma Resources

Below are links to a number of resources that have been developed by a diverse range of Recovery Dharma members and reflects a range of experiences. May they be helpful to you on your recovery journey. These ideas do not reflect the opinions of professionals or Buddhist teachers. Rather, they are shared as a practice of kindness and generosity from the experience of peers sharing with each other. 

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Recovery Dharma Book

Our book is available in several formats.

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Meeting Materials

Links to the Recovery Dharma meeting format, readings and meditations.

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An extended and organized list of Recovery Dharma Meditations.

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Friends & Mentors

A guide to developing Dharma Friends and Mentorship on a local level.

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Sangha Support

Materials for treatment and corrections, starting an inter-sangha and more.

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Translations of Buddhist words and concepts used regularly in our recovery program.

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Beginner's Guide

A collection of resources and information for people new to recovery.

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Sangha Group Guide

A guide for members who want to start or sustain a local sangha. Includes how to start a meeting, outreach to treatment and corrections, and handout brochures for new members.