Diversity & Accessibility

Our Intention

Recovery Dharma is a peer-led, grassroots, democratically-structured organization. We welcome all those who wish to pursue recovery as part of our community. All Sanghas that decide to commit to Recovery Dharma’s Core Intentions are autonomous in their practices.

Recovery Dharma is founded on, and inspired by, Buddhism that originated in India and later on flourished in other regions of Asia (e.g., South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia). We deeply appreciate the Buddhist heritage that was protected and freely offered by the ancestors of these cultures. This site is our effort to practice kindness, generosity, and peer-to-peer support. The content of this site reflects the diverse experiences of our members; not the opinions of professionals or Buddhist teachers.

IDEA Anti-Oppression and Anti-Discrimination Statement

We recognize that oppressions in society directly impact addiction and recovery. (Oppressions may include: Racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, religious oppression, and ableism.)

We actively support communities who have been harmed by these oppressions.

Safety and Inclusion

We understand that we are individuals with different life experiences and backgrounds, and we encourage our members to create a space that allows members of all communities to feel seen, heard, and empowered. We  set intentions to create a safer space within each sangha.

Core Intentions

As sanghas grow and develop, these core intentions have the capacity to offer ground and guidance for a diverse and inclusive sangha.

Our community affinity groups

Recovery Dharma is a peer-led community. Here are a few sanghas that have gathered and formed a community around their shared identities with the aim to empower. These communities are listed in alphabetical order.

🌱 Beginners

Are you new to Recovery Dharma?

This helpful Affinity marker simply denotes that this is a meeting that is great for beginners. Oftentimes the meeting format includes reading from the RD Book, and may read the complete unabridged version of The Practice. Let us know you’re new to RD!

Look for 🌱 on the Affinity list.

✊🏽 BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)

Our 4 meetings are for BIPOC only. Our sangha has added safety measures to ensure our freedom to be vulnerable and heal. If you’re BIPOC, we’d love to welcome you! 

Look for ✊🏽 on the Affinity list. May require emailing in advance.

❤️‍🩹Chronic Pain and 💊MAT (Medication-Assisted-Treatment)

A safe sanctuary for us to openly discuss and heal about Chronic Health issues, Harm Reduction, and MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) or MAR (Medication Assisted Recovery)

Look for ❤️‍🩹💊  on the Affinity list.


⭐️ Codependency

Do you prioritize the needs and feelings of others to the detriment of your own, leading to a lack of boundaries and self-esteem? Come explore identifying, setting, and enforcing wise boundaries with us. 

Look for ⭐️ on the Affinity list.


🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual+)

In a 2023 survey, we received an impressive number of responses praising our LGBTQIA+ community. For example:

  • “Safe. nonjudgmental for us.”
  • “Many meetings dedicated to queer and gender expansive.”

Look for 🏳️‍🌈 on the Affinity list.

💡 Mental Health

Meetings where we openly and safely discuss and heal about Mental Health issues. 

Note: sometimes diagnoses and medications are discussed.

Look for 💡 on the Affinity list.

🥢 Mindful Eating

We seek freedom from disordered eating. If disordered eating is causing you suffering, please join us. 

Look for 🥢 on the Affinity list.

💛 trueINTIMACY: 3rd Precept

We seek freedom from Love, Sex, Porn, and Lust-related suffering. Our common goal is striving for relationships of true intimacy.

Look for 💛 on the Affinity list.

🚺 Women & Nonbinary (Trans-inclusive)

Open to women and Non-Binary identifying people only. Perhaps the biggest RD affinity group — each one is a very special safe healing sanctuary.

Look for 🚺 on the Affinity list.