We, the sangha (community) of the Recovery Dharma Board of Directors, stand against all forms of oppression and exclusion of members of our community. We commit to taking tangible and concrete action to support the inclusion of all members of this worldwide sangha.

We see that racism, transphobia, homophobia/biphobia/queerphobia, sexism, ableism, classism, and other forms of discrimination against marginalized people lead to harms that can deepen the suffering of addiction. As practitioners of the Dharma (teachings of the Buddha), all of us commit to practicing, behaving, and speaking in ways that do not cause harm. Therefore, our path to recovery must include an investigation and inquiry of the often-unconscious attitudes we hold about those we consider “Other.”

We commit to fostering a culture of social justice, to supporting personal and interpersonal healing, and to cultivating an inclusive community. As a peer-led community, this process of healing and connection requires action on the part of all members. While this may be uncomfortable and new to many, this is a key part of our path to recovery, and is essential to allow healing and connection.

We support and encourage members to come together in affinity groups and specialized meetings. An important part of our path is connecting with like-minded others around shared identities or experiences—such as race, gender expression, gender identity, sexual identity, mental health issues, language, geographic region, or physical abilities.

We invite everyone in our global sangha to mindfully consider these words. We urge you to join us in committing to deepen our practice and to create a recovery sangha that is supportive, resilient, accessible, welcoming, and inclusive.

—Recovery Dharma Board of Directors