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Recovery Dharma is a peer-led movement and community that is unified by our trust in the potential of each of us to recover and find freedom from the suffering of addiction. We believe that the traditional Buddhist teachings, often referred to as the Dharma, offer a powerful approach to healing from addiction and living a life of true freedom.

We believe that recovery means empowerment, and we support each other as partners walking the path together. We believe that recovery is rooted in finding our own inner wisdom and individual journeys.

Recovery Dharma is founded on, and inspired by, Buddhism that originated in India and later on flourished in other regions of Asia (e.g., South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia). We deeply appreciate the Buddhist heritage that was protected and freely offered by the ancestors of these cultures.


The non-profit organization, Recovery Dharma Global, is committed to taking tangible and concrete actions to support the inclusion of all members of the Global Sangha. This sangha elects board members who serve as volunteers for the organization. In addition to the legal duties of a nonprofit board, and the organization’s core intentions, the board’s  responsibilities include the following four tasks:

    • Develop, publish, and distribute recovery-oriented material
    • Maintain a listing of Recovery Dharma meetings and communities
    • Provide support for social media communication, websites, and other online collaboration.
    • Coordinate and support regional and global conferences, and training opportunities
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The Recovery Dharma Board of Directors, who serve at the behest of the Recovery Dharma global sangha, is gathered to ensure the ongoing existence of Recovery Dharma meetings and service throughout the world by functioning as a unified support to its members.

RDG Mission Statement

Documents and Resources

This page provides resources related to Board minutes, bylaws, financial statements, and other documents pertaining to governance of the non-profit organization.

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The document that guides the core responsibilities of the Board

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Board Minutes

Minutes from the monthly board meetings, including reports from the Treasurer and other committees.

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Core Intentions

The Recovery Dharma Board of Directors have adopted the Core Intentions for ourselves.
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Statement against Oppression of All Kinds

In 2020, the RDG Board of Directors made a commitment to take tangible and concrete action to support the inclusion of all members of this worldwide sangha.
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Global Conferences

The RDG Board coordinates and supports Global Conferences which contribute to the growth and development of our global sangha.

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Board Committees do the work of Recovery Dharma Global.  Complete this application to volunteer with one of these committees. 

Recovery Dharma Global Board of Directors

The Recovery Dharma Global (RDG) Board of Directors is a sangha of volunteers who work to ensure the safe, effective, and compassionate operation of the nonprofit and manage the assets of the organization.

Lacey Browne

Lacey Browne

Communications, IDEA

I am so grateful that my sangha has provided a safe space for me to define what my recovery looks like, and am inspired to bring that autonomy to others suffering from addiction.

Randall Hall

Randall Hall

President, Governance, Board Development

Recovery Dharma has been critical to my recovery from substance and process addictions, and it has helped me cultivate a compassionate community of wise friends to walk with on my spiritual path.

Scott Jaworski

Scott Jaworski


Recovery Dharma introduced me to a supportive community and the practice guided me through a transformative healing process. I hope that everyone who can benefit from RD will have the opportunity to do so.

Eunsung Kim

Eunsung Kim

IDEA, Communications

I am committed to giving back to the larger Recovery Dharma community and my local Sangha. I want to be a welcoming presence to other people of color, and that Buddhist Recovery is possible for everyone.

Amanda Marshall

Amanda Marshall


My calling today is not to lead. It is to serve. I am looking for ways to be useful that are aligned with what I have learned walking a Buddhist inspired recovery path.
Joel Osterman

Joel Osterman


Thanks to Buddhist-based recovery programs, I have learned and grown so much, both personally and professionally. I want the same for all those seeking or continuing their recovery

Kris Roehling

Kris Roehling

Vice President, IDEA, Board Development

Recovery Dharma has helped me cultivate compassion and kindness towards myself and others.  I believe this is the foundation to cultivating healthy and effective relationships on the individual, organizational and community levels.

Sinyi Shi

Sinyi Shi

Treasurer, Communications

Recovery Dharma is a unique trauma-informed space where I learned how to meditate and share vulnerably (which sometimes meant sitting with discomfort), but made much more approachable surrounded by the safety of wise friends. When I needed it most, RD welcomed me exactly as I am, and didn’t ask for anything other than my own ability to change and heal. For that, RD holds a special place in my heart.

Vanessa Wang

Vanessa Wang

Registrar, IDEA, Communications

Recovery Dharma has been such a refuge for me. It is where I cultivated a community and designed a life that I can be proud of. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be of service for this wonderful sangha.