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  • Developing, publishing, and distributing our book and other recovery-oriented materials.
  • Doing outreach work and granting books to sanghas that are struggling financially.
  • Maintaining listings of Recovery Dharma meetings and communities.
  • Providing support for social media, our website, and other online spaces
  • Coordinating and supporting community events and training opportunities
  • Providing scholarships to members from underrepresented groups to attend events.


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“The practice of generosity is…a description of our true nature, of the open and loving hearts that have always been within us, but that have been covered up for so long that they were almost lost to us. The practice helps us to recover this original nature.”
Recovery Dharma Book, Page 65


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If you have benefited from being a part of a Recovery Dharma Sangha, and believe that a Global movement is needed, then consider joining the global community. Our intention and goals are to develop materials, maintain a global meeting list, organize events and support the building of healthy Recovery Dharma communities. Find out more about our structure and our plans.

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