Recovery dharma Book Grant

Supporting the Outreach Efforts of local sanghas

This fund has been established by the RDG Board Committee for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA).  Our intention is to contribute towards accessibility to the book for underrepresented and vulnerable members.

We are cautious and aware that our intention is to supplement, not replace, the efforts of sanghas to bring books into their area.  Sanghas are encouraged to ask members and friends of the group to contribute books.  Likewise, sanghas are encouraged to attempt to allocate donations towards this effort first before applying for this scholarship.  If the efforts were made, but not successful, then let us know that also.

If you are an individual, and not a Recovery Dharma Sangha Group rep, then go to our Contact Page to ask about ways to access the book, Recovery Dharma.

Here are the specific criteria and processes that IDEA committee members will use to review applications.

  1. Book requests should be made by sanghas and groups, not individuals.
  2. Books will benefit people from underrepresented members.
  3. Sangha/group has contributed towards fundraising and/or book purchasing.
  4. 1 through 3 are not applicable but the application adheres to the core intention of IDEA.

If the criteria are met, then the committee uses the three guidelines below to help determine the number of books given.

  1. Consider the number of books requested and what is needed by the sangha/group.
  2. The maximum book grant is 20 books.
  3. At least two members of the IDEA Committee or an IDEA Subcommittee will take part in reviewing the book grant applications.

Thank you for your dedication and practice toward making Recovery Dharma available to more people!

Recovery Dharma Global

IDEA Book Grant

Application Form

Book Grant Application

MM slash DD slash YYYY
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Name of RD Sangha Group (or Name of Facility)
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Number of books requested from this grant. (Max book total of English + Spanish = 20)
Number of books requested from this grant. (Max book total of English + Spanish = 20)
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