Recovery dharma Book Grant

Supporting the Outreach Efforts of local sanghas

This fund has been established by the RDG Board Committee for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA). The goal is to support and expand on the fundraising and outreach efforts of local sangha groups, intersanghas, and circles.

This form is for use by Recovery Dharma Sangha groups to apply for book grants for groups of books. 
If you are not a Recovery Dharma Sangha Group rep, then reach out to us through our Contact Page to inquire about options.

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IDEA Book Grant

Application Form

Book Scholarship Application

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Which communities will these books benefit?
Name of the Recovery Dharma Sangha Group
Committee Chair? Secretary? Treasurer? etc.
Person making request
Number of books requested from this grant
Tell us a little about the program you are hoping to support. Also tell us about your own fundriaising efforts towards this goal.
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