Jessica L. (Portland, OR) is no longer part of the Recovery Dharma Transition Team, though we may continue to consult with her periodically. Jess was instrumental in setting up communications when our organization was just getting started, and we are grateful for her service and friendship.

We are excited to announce the addition of three new members!

As you may already know, we have had our hands full with coordinating circles, planning the upcoming elections, hosting the Core Intentions community calls, and the myriad other day-to-day tasks of keeping this organization running smoothly and with integrity. We are a small group of volunteers and it is a lot of work, and it became clear that the wise action at this point would be to ask for help by adding new members to our team, at least until the new Board starts their term on February 15.

We are pleased to introduce you to these amazing people who we invited to join us because they have already shown incredible leadership and service to their local sanghas and Recovery Dharma as a whole:

Critter S. (Oakland, CA) co-facilitates the Gilman RD meeting in Berkeley, CA, and recently helped start an RD meeting in Oakland with a mental health focus. They are co-editor of the RD community newsletter. They have also been actively working on the inclusion, wise friendships, literature, and the (newly started) community wisdom circles.

Dirk W. (Bloomington, IL) has been working with the literature circle and is the managing editor of our community newsletter. He has also provided tech support to the community, helping to manage Slack, Google Suite, the website, and more.

Craig W. (Lexington, KY) has been active in building the Lexington, KY, Sangha to six meetings a week including facilitating a weekly newcomers meeting, acting as the secretary, and running the social media account. Craig has also helped with the Outreach Circle, website team, building the meeting directory, and data validation during the transition.

Please join us in welcoming these new Transition Team members!