We on the Board have heard from members of our community who have expressed their disappointment with the way conflict was handled at the last Town Hall on Wednesday, 2021-02-17. Our bylaws state: “The Board of Directors is empowered and entrusted to adopt policies to ensure the safe, effective, and compassionate operation of Recovery Dharma Global in support of its mission.” We understand that at times community members may disagree with how we respond to difficult situations. We are committed to the practice and this path and we will continue to do our best.

This is a program that asks us to recognize and accept that some pain and disappointment will always be present, to investigate the unskillful ways we have dealt with that pain in the past, and to develop a habit of understanding, compassion, and mercy toward our own pain, the pain of others, and the pain we have caused others due to our ignorance and confusion. That acceptance is what brings freedom from the suffering that made our pain unbearable.
—Recovery Dharma, page xi

The Board is hosting the final town hall for nominees this coming Saturday, 2021-02-20. Our practice encourages us to stay in each present moment and to establish a strong container. Given that we are two-thirds of the way through the election town hall series, we believe the most equitable way to proceed is to follow the same format that was observed in the first town hall meetings. We look forward to building systems that support our shared core intentions.