In general, “what’s going on” is that there are some work circles of volunteers beginning to look at how Recovery Dharma might function. More information about the circles—including their purpose, their current activities, and who to contact, is available.

Some circles have started to meet, while others are still in the process of organization. The Literature Circle is brainstorming and taking community input about new materials to support Recovery Dharma, and is working on a newsletter to be distributed by email and social media. The Governance Circle has already set in motion new bylaws and a plan for elections to ensure community representation and involvement, and these ideas were shared in email, on Facebook and in Zoom calls for discussion. When the other circles have some ideas to share, it will probably look pretty similar to that. We are hoping to close the transitional period with some visions for the permanent Board to consider.

Some circles could use some help. Others are working hard to coordinate the efforts of the volunteers they already have. Basically, the organization is in a growth phase where we have more ideas than energy, and we are not trying to run before we can walk. If you’re interested in helping, take a look at what the circles are doing and reach out.

Jean Tuller is stepping down as Treasurer of Recovery Dharma and has nominated Gary Matulis as her replacement. The Board of Directors has unanimously voted to accept the nomination and express their profound thanks to Jean for her service. Jean will remain on the Transition Team to ensure a smooth transition until the permanent, elected Board has been seated. Dan Oliverio has also stepped down from the transition team.

We’re going to try to communicate more about what’s going on… even if not much happens to be going on! We appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten from the community about that, and we definitely appreciate your patience.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have questions, feedback or concerns.

— The Recovery Dharma Transition Team
Amy Reed, Don Westervelt, Gary Matulis, Jean Tuller, Paul Acciavatti