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2020 Conference Committee: Call for Members


We may not have a name for it (yet!), but it’s going to be AMAZING. A gathering of Recovery Dharma friends from all over the globe for a weekend of growth, collaboration, planning, and fun – and YOU can be a part of making it all come together.

A new 2020 Recovery Dharma Conference Committee has been created to support planning for the conference in Salt Lake City. The committee is open for any interested member of Recovery Dharma to join.

The purpose of the committee will be the help plan the 2020 conference from the Global perspective (e.g., plan the agenda, topics, speakers, etc.) and to assist the Salt Lake City committee in their planning efforts.

We’re looking for a small but dedicated group, ideally with some experience in planning conferences or larger events.

The work of the committee will be accomplished through meetings on Zoom and conversations on a Slack channel. Regarding Zoom meetings – scheduling is always hard. We’ll use a poll to pick the best day of the week and time to meet, and then meet at that same day/time, generally every other week starting in January. Unfortunately, it will likely not be possible to come up with a day and time which will allow everyone who is interested in participating to attend the meetings. However, the meetings will be recorded and made available to the members.

If you would like to join the committee or have further questions, send an email to