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2020 Recovery Dharma Board of Directors Election Results


Meet the democratically-elected Board of Directors for YOUR Recovery Dharma non-profit! Out of 658 eligible voters, 310 submitted ballots for a turnout rate of 47%.

Elected to 3-year terms:
Kara Haney, with 109 votes
Critter Spinneret, with 101 votes
Amanda Marshall, with 90 votes
Kris Roehling, with 82 votes

Elected to 2-year terms:
Lacey Browne, with 79 votes
Gary Matulis, with 66 votes
Beth Coyote, with 65 votes
Joel Osterman, with 64 votes

Elected to 1-year terms:
Dirk Wethington,with 63 votes
Lawrence Gould, with 61 votes

Paul Acciavatti and Amy Reed will remain on the Board for up to a year to provide continuity.

Complete results of the 2020 Board of Directors election can be viewed at this link: