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2021 Election Results



The Recovery Dharma Global (RDG) Board is gathered to ensure the ongoing existence of Recovery Dharma meetings and service throughout the world by functioning as a unified support to its members. Our new Directors will help ensure the organization meets its goals to develop the website, maintain a list of meetings, organize conferences, and educate the world about our community.

We are excited to welcome the new members of the Recovery Dharma Global Board of Directors! Please join us in thanking them for their service to our global sangha.

Three-Year Term

  • Nancy Taylor
  • Vanessa Wang
  • Eunsung Kim
  • Liz Locatelli

Two-Year Term

  • Ray Rosales

One Year Term

  • Randall Hall
  • Tom Hantzarides

Below is the final tally of votes. There are a few adjustments from the final tally that need
further explanation:

  • During the voting period, Valentine Darling chose to withdraw their name from the election due to other time commitments.
  • Another factor that has come into play is our regional rule for Directors. No more than two Directors may have a primary residence in the same geographic region as another Director.
  • There are two nominees, Liz Locatelli and Thomas Tran, located in the Northern California region. The Board currently has a member already seated from the same region which means that only one seat was available to a candidate in that region. As Liz Locatelli received more votes, she was elected to the Director seat.

Final Results 265 ballots
Nancy Taylor      175
Vanessa Wang   174
Eunsung Kim      144
Liz Locatelli        143
Ray Rosales       142
Valentine Darling   134 *
Randall Hall        117
Thomas Tran      102 *
Tom Hantzarides   87
Aaron Collins      80

*Please see above for explanation.

Below is a screenshot from the electionbuddy final results:

election buddy results