Greetings to our Global Sangha!

The Recovery Dharma Global (RDG) Board of Directors is gathered to ensure the ongoing existence of Recovery Dharma meetings and service throughout the world by functioning as a unified support to its members.

We are excited to welcome the new members of the RDG Board of Directors! Please join us in thanking them for their service to our global sangha.

Four-Year Term:

  • Cherri Hendricks Hostetler
  • Thomas Tran
  • Tracie Story
  • Natalya Fearnley
  • Lauren Ero
  • Valentine

Two-Year Term:

  • Madi Nitzky
  • Jeannette Castaneda
  • Shad Graham

Below is a link to a pdf of the final tally of votes. There are a few adjustments from the final tally that need further explanation. No more than two Directors may have a primary residence in the same geographic region. There were three candidates, Elise Gallagher in Region 4 and Steve Whitten and Bryant Belarmino in Region 10, who were in regions that had current board members or other candidates with higher votes.

2023 RDG Election Results