Hello Sangha,

Recovery Dharma Global (RDG) is a peer-led, grassroots organization whose Board of Directors is elected and empowered by individual members and sanghas around the world. The Board’s Annual Meeting, which will be held during the Sangha Summit, is a time when members can tell the Directors how they would like to see the Board serve the Recovery Dharma community.

Between now and July 1st, we will be accepting written community motions from our members. A community motion may come from an individual, sangha, or intersangha, so long as all who are making the motion identify as members of the Recovery Dharma community. A motion suggests an action for the Board to take or a policy or rule for the Board to adopt or amend. An example might be a measure that would strengthen the organization’s ability to fulfill its core intentions. For an example of an excellent motion from a couple of years ago, please click here.

Please send motions to: info@recoverydharma.org

RDG will review the written motions and communicate with the individuals/sanghas who submitted them. During this period of time, RDG may take the action a motion requests, or it may ask clarifying questions about the motion.

At the Annual Meeting, each motion will be read aloud from the floor. Members who do not submit motions in writing prior to July 1st will still be able to make a motion from the floor at the Annual Meeting (3 minute time limit).

This year’s Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, July 26th in Portland, Oregon. It will start at approximately 7 PM ET. It should last approximately 60-90 minutes. All members of Recovery Dharma are welcome to join the Annual Meeting either in-person at the Summit in Portland or via Zoom. If you want to join us in-person, you can sign up here! If you want to join us on Zoom, the link will be provided prior to the meeting via email and on Facebook. The Annual Meeting will also be recorded and available on the RDG YouTube channel.

In service,

The Recovery Dharma Global Board of Directors