The Governance Circle has begun meeting to work on transitional Bylaws for the non-profit org, so we can have elections to put a Board of Directors in place that represents the members of Recovery Dharma.

By a wide margin, people who responded to our survey said they want Directors to be nominated and elected directly by the people, so we are exploring e-voting options that will allow members of Recovery Dharma to vote confidentially and securely. Survey respondents also wanted to have Directors from all the geographic areas of this global community, and for their terms to overlap for continuity.

We are proposing that elections be held in January of 2020, with nominations to begin in October and the final slate of candidates to be set by December. There would be opportunities for members to meet the candidates online and through video calls. The elected board would take office in February 2020.

This summary describes the transitional bylaws and the proposed electoral process, including:

  • The mission of Recovery Dharma
  • What it means to be on the Board of Directors (what they’re responsible for, when they meet, their expected code of conduct; and more)
  • How and why a Director can be removed by the Board, and by the members.

Two Zoom calls were held so the community could discuss the proposal, ask any questions or raise any concerns folks may have.

Tuesday Sep 3, 2019
Read the notes from the first call
Recorded video of first call

Wednesday Sep 4, 2019
Read the notes from the second call
Recorded video of second call

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, and to working together with you to develop an open and democratic structure for Recovery Dharma. Please feel free to reach out to with questions or comments.

  • The Recovery Dharma Transition Team
    • Amy Reed, Don Westervelt, Paul Acciavatti, Jean Tuller, Jessica Lipman