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Submit Your Nominations for the New Board!


As we have been discussing, elections for a new board of directors for Recovery Dharma will be held in January 2020. The process is designed to allow open nominations and a truly democratic process for expanding the board from the four-person transition team to a fully operating board of twelve directors representing our community.  While three of the transition members will continue serving on the board for one year to provide for continuity, nine members will be elected in January. Four directors will be elected to 3-year terms, four will serve 2-year terms, and one will serve a 1-year term. This will allow for yearly elections and staggered terms.

Nominations are open to any member of our organization.  You may nominate another person, and you may nominate yourself.  The nominations are open through December 1.  The transition team will confirm nominations, work with nominees to prepare information to distribute to the community about each candidate, and host a series of Zoom community calls in January to introduce those wishing to stand for election.

If you are willing to run, or have in mind another member who you think would be an asset to the organization as a director, please send the nominee’s name and email address to We encourage you to check with the person before nominating them, and the committee will contact each nominee to confirm their willingness to run.  There is no need for a “second” for any nomination.

There are a few things to consider in your nominations. First, there are several qualifications that must be met for a member to serve on the board. They must be a member of a local, on-line, or inter-sangha Recovery Dharma meeting. They must be committed to the intention of training in and being guided by the Five Precepts, including renunciation of the use of drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances and behaviors that cloud awareness and cause harm.

In addition, this is not designed to be a board that meets quarterly to adopt policy but is rather a working board that is committed to working with and fostering the involvement of members to meet the mission of the organization. Some of the work that has been undertaken by the transition team and circles will need to continue under the facilitation of the new board as we move forward. Being involved on the board is expected to reflect this commitment to promoting and working with these circles.

This is an important and exciting opportunity to ensure that our community actively governs itself! Please show your commitment to the principle of self-governance by becoming involved in the nominations process!