We at Recovery Dharma write to you today with love, hope and deep gratitude. We are excited for the momentum we’re building together, and we want to hear from YOU!

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The Refuge Recovery Annual International Conference #RefCon5 just wrapped, and our hearts are FULL. What a lively, heartfelt space of community connection, support, and clarification on what this transitional time at Refuge Recovery means for our sangha at large. We came together, unified as one, and celebrated the Buddhist path of recovery. We also honored the challenges our sangha faces in this moment. We did it with full heart.

If you were there, THANK YOU for bringing your full self, and for committing to wise speech and wise action as we navigate this challenging and hopeful time together. If you were not there, we missed you and held you in our hearts in Chicago.

At #RefCon5, Recovery Dharma and Refuge Recovery World Services both had the opportunity to address the community, each sharing the vision driving their efforts and organizational structure. Watch Noah Levine’s Statement about Refuge Recovery World Services, and Amy Reed’s statement about Recovery Dharma on YouTube.

Recovery Dharma has been described by some in our community as a “break-away” group. And you know what? We are.

We broke away because we had a different vision for Refuge Recovery. We are eager to start something new, a TRULY peer-led, democratically-organized, grassroots movement. We are building this organization from the ground up, a collaborative effort led by its members. We are committed to financial integrity and transparency. We will follow no leader, but trust in the wisdom of the Dharma and in each individual’s own potential for recovery and awakening. We do so guided by LOVE and a fierce commitment to support people who want to recover using Buddhist principles and practices.

If you are called to the mission and recovery approach of Recovery Dharma, we eagerly invite you to join our collective efforts by participating in our first survey!

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(Don’t delay! The deadline to complete the first survey is Wednesday, July 24th @ midnight PST)

In this survey, we are seeking YOUR invaluable input on how to build Recovery Dharma’s mission, governance, and activities. We’ll ask you to address the following key questions:

  • How do you want your Board of Directors elected?
  • Do you want a democratic process for governance?
  • How do you envision meditation fitting into the mission of the organization?
  • Which ways would you like the national organization to support local sanghas?
  • And more!

As Amy Reed, a member of the Recovery Dharma transition circle, said at #RefCon5, “This is a path of empowerment, not powerlessness. And we are empowered now to build something from the ground up, defined by us, as a collective of beautifully flawed and suffering human beings.”

Join us in building this movement from the ground up.

Again, if you are called to Recovery Dharma, we invite you to join the conversation and complete the survey today. (Remember: deadline to submit is Wednesday, July 24th @ midnight PST.)

We invite you to join the collective of beautifully flawed and suffering human beings who are building a Buddhist path of recovery within the ethos of democracy, truly peer-led, and grassroots.

We are not asking you to take a side. Finding the path that’s right for you is the MOST important thing. Bottom line: you deserve a sangha where you feel supported and cared for as you do this brave work of recovery and healing, and we encourage you to identify what that means for you. We support you, and we honor all that may be arising for you during this time, be it grief, sadness, excitement, anger, or optimism.

Thank you for your commitment to your recovery. Thank you for bravely walking this path.

Honoring you,
Recovery Dharma Transition Circle