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    Wednesday, to 2:30 PM

    • In-person
    • Online

    RD NBG-Nuernberg Deutsch German for all Peoples @ SIGENA Plauener Straße 7 90491 Nürnberg

    Topics and format will be discussed at the beginning of the meeting. www.recoverydharma-nbg.de

    Online: https://kiss-mfr.kiwitalk.de/Recovery-Dharma-NBG-MI-1

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    The Zoom link above will not work and is just a placeholder. Instead cut and paste this URL into your browser: https://kiss-mfr.kiwitalk.de/Recovery-Dharma-NBG-MI-1 - Note, if you join later than 19:00, please wait until you are addressed. It could be that we are currently in a meditation.

  • Nürnberg

    Plauener Str. 7
    90491 Nürnberg


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    recoverydharma-nbg.de kiss-mfr.kiwitalk.de/Recovery-Dharma-NBG-MI-1 Group Email Group Phone
  • Updated April 19, 2024