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Regions in Recovery Dharma


The Transition Team and Sangha Support Circle have worked together to create a map which defines 15 geographical regions of Recovery Dharma meetings.  The regions map will be used for both the upcoming Board of Director elections as well as Sangha Support efforts.  The term “Sangha Support” refers to those individuals who will be affiliated to a given geographic region and provide support with work such as creating inter-sanghas, assisting new meetings, local problem-solving and the like.  As a reminder, Board members will serve “at large,” and represent our entire community but membership on the Board of Directors is limited to no more than two Directors per region in order to ensure that diverse voices and meetings are represented on the Board  (to ensure continuity and support Recovery Dharma’s development, transition team Board members are excluded from the two Director per region limit).

Our community is growing daily. The meeting totals below are a snapshot in time, dated September 20, 2019. This is our best effort to create a logical infrastructure that takes into account number of meetings per area as well as land mass and cultural distinctions. The regional map may be changed for future elections or sangha support, as our community continues to grow.

You may notice there is not a region defined for the online meetings.  The Transition Team recognizes that a significant portion of our community participates in meetings online, and that the online community has its own vibrant, distinct culture.  However, the limit of two Directors per region is based on the location of the primary residence of the Director.  As such, there is not an online region defined here for purposes of the Director elections.  That would not, however, exclude the possibility of an online region for Sangha Support efforts.