Sangha Support

The meeting resources in this section are from the Recovery Dharma book and our international community. They are offered freely to our community to use in your local meetings.


Basic Meditation with options (Sound, Feeling Tone, Body Sensations, Processes of the Mind) (PDF) (DOC)

Equanimity Meditation (PDF) (DOC)

Forgiveness Meditation (PDF) (DOC)

Metta Meditation (PDF) (DOC)

Appreciative Joy Meditation (PDF) (DOC)

Compassion Meditation (PDF) (DOC)

Meditation for Sitting with Difficult Emotions (PDF) (DOC)

Community-Submitted Meditations:

Impermanence Meditation (PDF) (DOC)

First Foundation of Mindfulness: Breath and Body (PDF) (DOC)

Second Foundation of Mindfulness: Feeling Tone (PDF) (DOC)

Third Foundation of Mindfulness: Mind (PDF) (DOC)

Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness: Dharmas (PDF) (DOC)


Meditations available on Insight Timer

Promotional Printouts

Customizable Flyer (Word)

Sangha Development

How to Start an Inter-Sangha

What is Recovery Dharma

Flyer (PDF)

Recovery Dharma Tri-Fold Pamphlet (Word)