As Recovery Dharma is growing and expanding, we want to get to know you and your journey on this path! Through our experience with sangha, we know that the opposite of addiction is connection. We hope that by sharing your stories of recovery, it will inspire others, humanize our common experiences, and highlight the preciousness of paving this journey together.

There has been a long tradition of including people’s personal stories in recovery literature and we’d like to continue this tradition with Recovery Dharma. Now that we are coming up on our four year anniversary this summer, we thought we should start collecting the rich personal experiences of our sangha members.

A common recovery story arc would be to share how trauma and addiction were negatively affecting your life, what led you to ultimately seek recovery, how Recovery Dharma and mindfulness, meditation, and/or the Dharma have helped you on your journey, and what your life looks like today as a result.

We invite you to share your story of recovery with us! 
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  • Your story may be published on the RDG website, in a newsletter and/or in new RDG literature.  
  • Please make sure your story is between 1,000 and 2,000 words. 
  • Specific details about your story and experience are essential, readers will find themselves in your story through your details.
  • We will be editing any stories that are published for typos and clarity, and will be in communication with you about any changes that are made.
  • DEADLINE: March 20, 2023

One of the members of our board of directors has shared his story as an example, and you can read it here!

We are so excited to share your story with our community!

You can send any questions to:

With metta and gratitude,
RDG Communications Committee