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Help Define Our Core Intentions


As a part of the transition process, the Core Intentions Circle has been working to identify the values and principles that most define us as a community that is working to support individual recovery from all forms of addiction through Buddhist practices and principles. We have developed these ideas into proposed “Core Intentions,” which are meant to serve as a reference for decision making and the operation of groups and meetings on every level of our organization.

We recognize and appreciate that, because these are meant to help define how we go about our mission, the Core Intentions need to be subject to full discussion by the entire Recovery Dharma community.  These proposals are meant to be a starting point for that discussion, and final ratification will be up to the entire membership.

To initiate this discussion, the Core Intentions Circle has scheduled a series of community meetings via Zoom.  There will be three meetings, each with multiple sessions scheduled to accommodate our members in different international time zones.  In the first set of meetings, we will explore the first six proposed Core Intentions; in the second, we’ll look at the remaining proposed language. The final set of meetings will address questions and issues for which no consensus or clarity was gained in the first two sets of meetings or which members feel need to be addressed in our statement of Core Intentions.

—>>> See the full schedule for the community calls <<<—

We will be recording all of the calls, so they will be available if you can’t be there live.

Following each set of conference calls, the Core Intentions Circle will work to incorporate and amend the proposed language based on consensus concerns brought forward during the meetings.

None of these Core Intentions will be adopted without a process for community consent.  Once a final set of Intentions has been developed, the newly elected Board will be responsible for creating a system for ratification by the membership.  The Board’s role will be to ensure that a democratic process will be used to adopt a final version of the Intentions. We anticipate that putting this system for adoption in place will be an early priority for the new Board.

—>>> Read the proposed Core Intentions <<<—

We encourage each of you to carefully consider each Intention, reflect on its centrality to our mission and values, and provide your input during the Zoom conference calls!


Recordings from the community Zoom meetings on Core Intentions 1 – 6: