Meet your 2023 Board Candidates

Candidate Profile Page
Read the profiles completed by each candidate

Candidate Town Halls

Each session will highlight a few of the candidates who will share
their vision and answer questions from participants

Town Hall Format
1. Welcome and Recording Announcement
2. Three Questions from the moderator
3. Questions from members through the Chat
4. Closing, Appreciations, and Dedication of Merit

Saturday, April 1
Candidates from Pacific NW and Australia
4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET/ 11 pm GMT / Sunday 9 am AET

Sunday, April 2
Candidates from Eastern United States
10 am PT/ 1p m ET/ 5p m GMT / Sunday 8 am AET

Wednesday, April 5
Candidates from Central and Mountain Regions of the US
6 pm MT / 8 pm ET / Thursday 12 am GMT / Thursday 10 am AET

Saturday, April 8
Candidates from California and Arizona
10 am PT / 1 pm ET /  5 pm GMT / Sunday 3 am AET

Nomination Town Hall

This town hall happened on the January 4th, 2023
Members of the Nominating Committee and Board
shared their
experiences about serving with and for the Recovery Dharma Global Board.
Watch the recording of the event on our YouTube Channel.
Read the Article about the Nomination Process on the 2023 Board Election Page.

Town Hall Recordings

Town Halls are an important practice of Recovery Dharma Global to help ensure transparency and open communication
between board members and other community members.  These Town Halls will be recorded.
Participants who wish to keep their identity confident have options to
Turn off cameras, change the name listed on their account, or use the chat box to comment

See Recordings: RDG YouTube Channel

For more questions contact